Paleo and Chicken Recipes!

Make The Most Of Paleo Chicken Recipes!

There’s a reason why chicken is a cornerstone of so many low carb and healthy diet plans – it’s an excellent source for your lean protein and it tastes excellent. There are a lot of Paleo recipes that use chicken in one form or another. Whether you’ve grilled so many chicken breasts that your eyes are about to glaze over and need to ingest some variety into your meals, or you’ve bought a whole chicken and you’re looking for ways to use the entire thing, you’ll find some useful advice here:

Repurposing Chicken

Buying whole chickens are a great way to save money, and if you get them grass fed from a farmer’s market, it’s even tastier. Most people have plenty of ideas for the most commonly used pieces of the chicken, but draw a blank after that.

Don’t be afraid to use the backs and necks of the chicken. It’s not a great choice for meat, but they’re packed with connective tissue that has a lot of flavor, due to being in use so often. That makes them great for a stew or soup. If you own a pressure cooker, you can get them boiled down in about an hour, but you can do it with a pot, too. Cover them up with water; add some garlic, onions, carrots, tomatoes, celery, and a pinch of sea salt. Boil it, then simmer it for 4 hours. You can also use stuff like herbs, apple vinegar, or butter to soften it and add a little texture.

Getting In The Guts

Chicken organs and offal are excellent ways to add variety to chicken. It might turn your stomach to think about it, but once you get a taste, your thoughts will change. Chicken liver was considered a delicacy for most of history, and it’s packed with iron, copper, protein, and B Vitamins. Strip the lining and cook it up with mushrooms, olive oil, and a little bit of bacon. Delicious!

You should also try chicken hearts if you find liver’s texture off-putting. It’s a muscle, so it has a tone much like a more traditional dark meat and tastes great grilled or on a skewer. If you need something fast, chop them up into slices and make a stir fry!

Traditional Chicken Cuts

Chicken is incredibly versatile and almost any recipe will fit wonderfully in the Paleo diet. You can do anything you imagine – you can bake it in lemon and other citrus flavors for a sour taste, make a curry using coconut milk for something sweet, or pair it up with something simple like salt and pepper and roast it.

Use about a cup of coconut milk and put it in a blender with lemongrass, garlic, the seasonings of your choice, and a spritz of lime – once it’s blended, you’ll have a nice homemade marinade. You can use it with any cut of chicken, and experiment with making your own bases.

These are a few of the great possibilities that come with chicken recipes. Don’t be afraid to get in the kitchen and put your great taste to work!


Grocery Shopping On The Paleo Diet

Grocery Shopping On The Paleo Diet
Plenty of enthusiastic dieters are warned off of the Paleo lifestyle by sticker shock. Strangely enough, this sticker shock shows up before they ring up an order of groceries or even step inside a supermarket! Everyone is used to the idea that rice, pasta, and potato chips are the only ways to sustain themselves on a budget. But that isn’t true. With a little planning, you can enjoy the Paleo diet no matter what your budget is.

Where Should You Shop?

Sometimes, where you buy is as important as what you buy. If you live in an urban area, look for ethnic supermarkets – they’re an easy way to get fresh produce at a low price, and you’ll also have a chance to inject some variety into your shopping. You should also look for seasoning and spices – don’t be afraid to be adventurous. People on the standard Western diet are used to using heavy amounts of salt and sugar for flavor. Since you don’t have that as an option anymore, you need to add more varied tastes to your diet. This will save money and improve your palate!

Getting a lot of meat at a bargain price is going to be a little tougher. If you can find a butcher or have easy access to local seafood, things are easier. If not, try to shop at large supermarkets – they purchase in bulk and have lower rates for meat than indie supermarkets. Be flexible with the kinds of cuts you buy. There are always manager’s specials and last minute sales allowing you to get meat at a big discount.

What Should You Buy?

Seasonal fruits and vegetables are always less expensive. It varies depending on your location, but carrots, spinach, strawberries, and turnips are best during the spring, apples, peaches, and watermelons are best during the summer, cabbage, garlic, and grapes are in season during the fall, and celery, potatoes, and cooking greens are best during the winter months. Try to get dark, leafy vegetables whenever possible, because they provide a heavy bang for your nutrient buck.

Canned stuff like tuna and mackerel provide a lot of protein at a low price. If you want something more substantial, remember that you can save a lot of money if you spend a little time. Slow-cooker cuts like pork hocks and shoulders are really inexpensive and taste great if you braise or slow-cook them, and whole chickens are among the cheapest meats you can buy if you’re willing to take a few minutes to clean them yourself. Obviously, it’s best to buy grass-fed or organic meat, but this is better than nothing if money’s tight.

Be sure to stock up on coconuts and coconut flower if you can, these are a staple of Paleo baking, and also a “safe” source of sweets. Finally, stock up on eggs and cottage cheese: these are a great and inexpensive way to get a strong breakfast with plenty of protein, which is important if you’re trying to lose weight.

A healthy diet is much less expensive than you think, and when you buy foods that are colorful and rich in nutrients, you’ll need fewer of them to feel full. If you’re used to buying packaged foods, your jaw will drop at how much less expensive your bill is when you cut the chips and ice cream from your diet.

Eating Out On The Paleo Diet

8 Vital Tips For Eating Out On The Paleo Diet


When you’ve fully converted to the Paleo lifestyle, you’ll have to make a few adjustments. Casually eating out is one of them. The restaurant landscape is filled with filling breads, sugary sauces, and other little temptations. When you start with a game plan, it takes your mind off the stress of dieting and lets you focus on the fun and pleasure of eating!

#1 – Limit Eating Out

It’s really a hassle to go through these next nine tips every time you want to go out to eat, and nothing from a restaurant is as safe or as healthy as food that you cook yourself. If you’re just tired of all the cooking, make a big meal up front and dole it into smaller pieces over the next couple days, or get a spouse or friend to do the cooking for you. When you’re finally ready to go out to eat, do a little scouting and make sure that you’re eating somewhere with a dish that you can conceive as Paleo friendly.

#2 – Make Smart Picks

Even though the Olive Garden is an Italian restaurant, all the dishes aren’t based on pasta – plenty of their dishes are low carb and include steak and crispy vegetables. Mexican restaurants are heavy on meat and vegetables too, but you’ll need to stay away from the cheese and tortillas. Barbeque places are amazing if you hold up on the sauce. Finally, sushi always works – it’s easy to get them wrapped in cucumber instead of rice.

#3 – Watch The Sauce

You’ll need to order your sauce on the side. Gravies are packed with grains. If you’re getting a dressing, it’s usually going to be dairy based, so make sure to specify vinegar and olive oil. If you’re ordering a big meat dish, remember that the sauce is usually pretty sugary. A little bit won’t kill you, but try to get it in a cup to the side, that way you can control your intake.

#4 – Call For Substitutions

Don’t hesitate to replace the starch in dinner menus with steamed or grilled vegetables. Don’t be afraid to make special requests – there’s nothing wrong with getting your burger without a bun, or getting a steak cooked in butter instead of vegetable oil.

#5 – Get A Salad

It’s not the most exciting choice on the surface, but it’s easy to customize your salad with grilled chicken, grilled steak, and a bunch of greens and toppings. Get some oil and vinegar on the side and hold the croutons.

#6 – Dessert Is Hard

You aren’t going to find a lot of coconut and carob based desserts in restaurants. You might want to buy a bar of dark chocolate before or after dinner to top your night off, or bring some trail mix from home. Remember that cavemen didn’t top their meals off with ice cream.

#7 – Breakfast For Dinner

Omelets and vegetables are great choices for a Paleo compatible dinner. Be careful though, plenty of places throw a little pancake batter to make their omelets fluffier. Just ask – if they use thickener, order them without or get them sunny side up.

#8 – Don’t Stress Out

The human body is strong and adaptable, and you won’t have your diet destroyed by a single meal. A little dairy or sugar won’t hurt you in small quantities, so don’t ruin your night (or your friend’s night) pitching a fit over one meal.

Easy Facial Exercise Tips For Women – Healthy-looking And Radiant Skin

Easy Facial Exercise Tips For Women – Healthy-looking And Radiant Skin

Each passing day makes a person older and older and thus life should be getting more interesting as the days go by. So should be the case with your body, especially the skin. For a person to achieve a better texture on his or her skin, taking care of it should be given first priority. Women like taking care of their skins more than men and thus most of their time while at home; they will spend a considerate amount of their time looking at the mirror. So looking at that mirror, what is it that you really see? A gloomy and healthy-looking skin or a tired and enervated skin?
Your face is a good replication of your own self to the outside world. Apart from the use of facial skin care kind of products, a woman can exercise her face and the result would be an astounding one. Have you ever left your skin bare and seen the look that it has? I mean stripping off that make-up and leaving your skin simple and unembellished. Like any other part of the body, the face can accumulate tautness and or even stress, thus it should be given some serious attention. Outlined below are a few simple women’s facial exercise and care tips that will leave the skin refreshed, revitalized, and keyed up:
• Focus on the breathe – did you know that breathing in and out, if given some serious attention, helps one to ease up and reduce tension? Just spend a couple of minutes on this and see how it works wonders. Consciously concentrate on easing up the facial muscles by breathing in and out at given intervals and feel that pressure and anxiety vanishing away slowly. After breathing in, hold your breath for some time then breathe out slowly giving time for relaxation to the shoulders. Loosen up your jaws and close the eyes in a gentle manner. This allows the face to become tender and soft
• Play-act chewing gum or practically chew the gum – chewing helps increase blood circulation which is always a positive thing for the skin. Buy some gum and chew it for utmost five minutes. Making big chewing and also smacking motions may look gibberish but technically it is a very good practice that always has a positive outcome on the face.
• Squeeze the face – scrunching one’s face to condense it is another healthy face exercise. Pull down the eye brows, close in the cheeks towards the nose, and pucker those lips. Maintain that position for a count of around ten and then release. Repeat this act several times.
• Pinch and also squash the cheeks – putting some pressure on the skin allows and also helps to improve the blood circulation on the face. This as earlier mentioned is an irrefutable skin care method of improving the health of the face.
• Tenderly rub the face with your fingers – on the middle of your brow, place both the index and also the middle fingers. In a smooth and gentle manner, rub the forehead. This should be done by making small and also circular movements with those fingers. Move the fingers towards the temples and also the nostrils and repeat the same thing. Slide them to the cheeks and over the jaws. Open and close the jaws as you rub them together with the cheeks. Take some time, and then do the exercise all over again.
• Focus on the breathe once more – take in one long and deep breathe expanding both the lungs and the chest. Open both your eyes and the mouth, looking upwards and elongate the tongue outwards. You should be still holding your breathe. Slowly breathing out, make a roaring sound like that of the lion. Repeat the act several times until that moment that you will feel overwhelmingly strong and powerful but steadily in control.
• Rub the palms – in a fast motion, rub together both of your palms until they get fired up. Slowly place them over your face, relax, and take a breather. Repeat this exercise once again.
Do this kind of facial exercises at least daily, and see for yourself the kind of result that they will give your skin. You can expect a natural radiance on your face. So take time and treat that face well.

Women’s Healthy Eating Tips

Women’s Healthy eating tips

Ask anyone how to lose weight and they will tell you that you should eat less and exercise more. If people know the answer so readily, why are obesity cases on the increase? The simple logic could be the change in diet. This change in diet has seen people changing the type of foods they eat. We are more accustomed to junk. It is more fun to eat out than to prepare traditional meals that are healthy and tastier. All hope is not gone. All we need to do is to change our diet. Women are the ones mostly affected.
Drink Lots of water
This is always emphasized in any diet regimen. Water is very important in the respiration. Sometimes people confuse thirst with hunger and end up eating instead of drinking water. If you don’t like water, you could substitute it with juice. Mango or peach juice is recommended. You should at least take 8 glasses of water. Next time you have those random pangs of hunger, takes lots of water.
Diet addition
When women want to eat healthy, they are always thinking of what should be taken away from the diet. The focus should be on what should be included. Add more healthy foods to your diet. The 5-9 servings of vegetables should be mandatory in your diet. It should also form the basis of your diet. The addition should be mainly fruits. If you consume a lot fruits, chances of you over eating are very slim. There are different kinds of vegetables that you could also add to your diet without feeling the pinch.
You need to be choosy on what you include in your snack pack. Most snacks are consumed after supper. This the time of night when you are relaxing in your living room watching TV mindlessly. In most cases, you are having a snack in your hand. You are eating without being hungry. Such is a habit that you need to avoid at all costs. Even if you are taking snacks, you need to ensure that they are low in calories.
Exercise also affects your eating habits. There are those people who get very hungry whenever they exercise and end up eating more. While exercising may help in losing weight, it will be futile if you eat more. You need to follow your diet regimen. If you fell hungry, eat vegetables, fruits and drink a lot of water.
You need all the support you can get in order to maintain that healthy diet regimen. Sometimes you may be tempted to get off track. If you have good friends and family members, that doesn’t have to happen. They will encourage you whenever you feel like giving up. Healthy food may not be as crunchy as the junk that you are used to but you are going through a lifestyle change. You could as well join a support group where they are others going through similar challenges. Challenges are much easier if they are approached in a team.
Take a break
It may sound controversial but it is sometimes important that you take a break from your diet regimen. Things may not be working as planned and you are getting frustrated by the day. The whole point of taking a break is to give you time and re-organize your thoughts. You will sometimes find that you just go the routine that you had planned. Such is the approach that is required. You should not see the diet regimen as some rules you should strictly adhere to. Instead, it should come as second nature hence the importance of taking the break.
Each step is important
Every step is a milestone no matter how small it is. Following your diet to the detail requires real work and commitment. You don’t have to do things perfectly. You only need to be yourself and set realistic expectations. Otherwise chances are high that you will get frustrated.
In the end, your success with your diet regimen will depend on you as an individual. You need to be focused and take it seriously. A little fall may not be that bad so long as you don’t stay down for too long.

Six Women’s Facial Care Essentials During Pregnancy

Six Women’s Facial Care Essentials During Pregnancy

During the pregnancy period, a woman faces various changes in the body. It is a period of time when major changes occur in the hormones found in a woman’s body, and they more than often affect each part of the body. This does include also the skin. So a pregnant woman has to make changes to the type of skin care products she uses and also the usual skin care procedures. These kinds of changes will help a woman during that pregnancy period, to keep her face clear, healthy-looking and most of all moisturized. Moisturizer and also sunscreen facial products are beneficial when used regularly by pregnant women as they help to ward off stretch marks and also spots on the skin. In fact, stretch marks during the pregnancy period are always a major concern to most expecting moms. They come about when the uterus grows and tears the tissues in the dermis as a result of stretching of the skin. However, there are other facial products that a pregnant woman should never use. This is because they can have adverse effects on the growth and development of the baby.
Most of the pregnant women, including those at the breastfeeding stage choose to go along with a natural and organic skin care type of regimen. The use of gentle products will revitalize dull and tired skin, soothe any kind of skin irritation, and also nourish the scalp. So a pregnant woman should take care of both her skin and by extension take care of her baby too. Outlined below are a few women’s facial care essentials:
I. Early facial skin awareness – It is very important to give your facial skin some attention so that you can always prevent any cumbersome skin changes that might occur at an early stage. During the pregnancy period, it is a common thing for women to experience hair growth, have patches of often dry skin, and get some skin areas being discolored and various other odd skin changes. If you have an uncomfortable feeling, you can always seek the services of a dermatologist.
II. Oral retinoid remedy should be avoided – Acne medication that is prescribed to be taken orally, for example Accutane, should be avoided at all costs. This is because such oral prescriptions often lead to poor births. It is better to refer to a physician on the facial creams and lotions that one can use as an alternative, or rather replacement for pills. However, a few make-up products may be dangerous to the unborn baby. This is because they may have salicylic acid that is not on the best interest of the child.
III. Seek professional services; consult a dermatologist – Some skin care treatments, such as full-body treatments, and also chemical baths are very dangerous because they may surpass the barrier provided by the skin and enter the unborn baby’s system. If there is need for a certain course of action on the skin, checking with a skin care professional first is vital. This is because you will be assured of the safety of such a procedure, thus be sure no harm will come upon your baby.
IV. Fair use of bleaching agents and also hair-removing creams – the use of such agents and creams occasionally does not impact negatively on the growing baby. This is according to research carried out on this.
V. Avoid skin-lightening products – Most medics’ advice against the use of products like hydroquinone as they might penetrate the skin and get absorbed into the kid’s system. So such products should never be used as one of the women’s facial care method.

VI. Regular use of sunscreen – most sunscreens such as topical sunscreens are safe, and even recommendable, to be used by pregnant women on a regular basis. Sunscreen use is crucial to pregnant women because:
• It helps avert skin damage
• It aids in the counteraction of melisma (dark spots on the skin).
• It also helps to stop wrinkles from forming on the woman’s face as it sets right the skin tone. Sunscreens containing a good amount of SPF are always a good substitute for face creams that are always hazardous to the safety and development of the unborn baby.
The above tips on women’s facial care can help a pregnant woman give birth to a normal child and also pass the breastfeeding stage successfully.


Dark Women’s Facial Care Tips

The largest organ that the body contains is the skin. For a face that is good looking, it has to be taken care of and at a constant rate. This is so true even to women who have a dark complexion. Ideally, those kind of women who have dark skins often encounter challenges that mostly differ with those who have got light skins. Most of the facial skin care products out there in the market are devised for light skinned women and also those with a combination of the skin. This means that dark women have got to carefully choose their products. From choosing the correct cleanser and also moisturizer to getting the right method in which to wear sunscreen, dark-skinned women have to take care of their skins and the ever changing needs. A slight use of the wrong skin products will produce adverse side effects.
Given below are some of the dark women’s facial care tips that they can use to take care of their skins:

  •   Cleanse the skin carefully and sparingly – a dark skin should be cleaned only once in a day. Cleaning the face over and over again is dangerous as it can diminish the moisture on the skin, thus giving it that pale and pallid look. A cleanser that has got no drying soap is the best to use. Rarely does the skin of a dark woman need exfoliation, but it does not mean that it can’t be done. If at all you, as a dark woman,would want to give exfoliation a try, make sure that you use a gentle skin care formula. Before applying it on your face, test-apply it on the arm or any other low-key area of the skin.
  •   Make moisturizing a daily routine – for the skin to be healthy-looking, it needs to be hydrated. Dark skins often look dry and also dull when not given proper attention. Thus, it is always a vital thing to keep that skin moisturized. Most importantly is to drink water in plenty. If your preference is using natural moisturizers, you might consider using those moisturizers that have got Shea butter and or coconut butter. If not a high preference, you can use one that contains glycerin, hyaluronic acid, and also urea.
  •   Inspect for skin irregularities – another important dark skin care advice is to constantly check the skin for any anomalies. The risk of acquiring cancer on the skin of a dark woman is lower than that of a light-skinned Caucasian person. This however does not mean dark skinned people are not prone to cancer. Skin check-ups should be done by maybe visiting a professional medic for skin testing at least six times a year. Any signs of dark spots on the skin should be taken seriously. Acquiring the services, of a dermatologist who knows the different types of facial conditions is of great importance.
  •   Protect the skin – protecting the skin from harmful sun rays is important not only to light skinned ladies but also to the dark skinned ladies. The use of sunscreen is important, especially a sunscreen product that has SPF 13. This helps the skin to become smooth and also radiant.
  •   Spot treat various skin parts – a dark skin is not resistant to acne. So if at all you see pimples in a skin area that has a tendency of being oily, consider applying acne cream on those spots. This is mostly the area around the forehead and also that surrounding the nose.
  •   Skin irritating creams and facial products – if you are using a certain facial product for the very first time, and upon applying it on your skin it feels itchy, please stop using it, and immediately seek the services of a medical practitioner for further advice.
  •  Facial care program – a carefully arranged regimen is important so as to keep the skin healthy. It is always a good way of removing dirt and also oil buildups. You can schedule a program where you can be at least visiting a professional dermatologist so as to get skin cleaned and also treated.

These are some of the facial care guidelines that women with dark skins can follow and ensure a continued healthy living. A scientific breakthrough in advanced skin care technology is specifically designed to be applied to the thin and delicate skin around your eyes. It has been exclusively formulated using a combination of unique and extremely potent peptides.